What you need:

Psp: 8

an image


Resize your image about 300 heigth

Promote to rasterlayer

copy your picture, close the original, if something get's wrong ,

 you still have the original

I used Sharpen> unsharp mask

Go to

Adjust, Sharpen, Unsharp mask


 I used this setting, but feel free to play around

Open a new image 1024 + the height of your image

in my case 314

Selections<Select all

Copy your image and paste into selection

Go to Art media Brushstrokes

this setting:

your image looks like this

Add a new rasterlayer and fill with white

click on your blendmode, (little black triangle) and choose >Soft light


Merge all flatten

in Psp 8 we do have the option Seamless

a big aprovement, it,s under Image effects

use this setting:

Minimize for now

Go to your other image

and load  a mask

choose one you like

Layers delete, yes or in 8 merge group

We're almost done

Go to Edit>copy, bring up your background

paste as a new layer on your background

with movertool, place on the left side

You can add a ddropshadow or a  perspectif shadow using eyecandy3.1.

If you have the eye candy, this setting:


Merge all flatten.

you gor yourself a lovely stationery!

Another example with flowers

Click to see the example voorbeeld

I hope you did like this one,

an easy one for starters!


Written by : Annie Mattheijer 21-08-2003
Don't copy or use in emailgroups without my permission!